It’s been a fun and busy couple of months with lots of traveling, touring, and work.


We hired a new project manager! Haley started with us in January focusing primarily on project management and client relations. She has a passion for people and getting to know them to really understand the needs and wants of their new website. She loves CrossFit, any type of concert and traveling. She also loves her new puppy, Kooper. You can probably find her cuddling him in her free time..

Second big change is we got a new office space. We are now located in Turbine Flats, a coworking office space. We love our new space and having a place for clients to come meet us! John and Jake also got the chance to head out to New York City to meet with a client out in the area. Unfortunately…we hit the huge snow storm, but made for an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, we are a part of BeSuperfly. John is also now a part-owner and just helped come up with their new membership program. Jake and John have been working on new products for the membership program the last few months. 

PS- John and Jake were both featured on Podcasts for Divi Nation! Give them a listen here and here!



VOTA Tour:

John went on tour with VOTA for two weeks to Ohio and Michigan. He’s also been to Estes Park, Colorado to play for a men’s conference as well as a trip to Oregon with his wife, Corryne.  


Bernardus Tour:

Jake has been on the road again with Bernardus last month for 4 weeks. They traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and California. Lots of late nights, beautiful views and coffee shop working.Check out his band at


We want to thank you again for being a part of our business. Your business and support are extremely important and meaningful to us! We’re getting back on the horse this summer and will be frequently posting again. Stay tuned for some very exciting things!