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Family Pet Project

Latest Project: Family Pet Project

Family Pet Project wanted a fun/colorful and intuitive design for their new site. The site features bold colors and beautiful photos of animals with fun typography. Our goal is to increase engagement through the site’s design in hopes of helping Family Pet Project reach their adoption/rehoming goals for animals.

Our role in this project was design only. The site was developed by a Family Pet Project internal team member.

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 Family Pet Project

How to quickly sign a document on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

We’ve all been there…stuck trying to figure out how to electronically sign a document 2 minutes before we need it. Printing and faxing can be a total pain and a waste of time. Here’s how to quickly sign a document on Apple devices.

PS – it’s way easier then you might think!

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How To Change Your Own Hard Drive (MacBook Pro)

We get a lot of questions about what type of computer a client should purchase because their computer is slow and old. Did you know that changing your hard drive can make a world of difference? You don’t need to purchase a new computer just because your computer is old or slow. We’re going to show you how to do it yourself. And while you’re at it, save you lots of $$. Note: Artillery Media is not responsible for any damage to your computer while changing your hard drive. Continue at your own risk. Additionally, we cannot guarantee support on any questions.

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4 Ways Websites are Like Cars

Adapted and revised from our 2015 article.

When you compare a tech nerd and a stereotypical “car guy,” you probably have two completely different folks in mind. One is into Captain America and the other prefers Captain Morgan (don’t we all).

It may sound crazy, but websites and cars actually have a lot in common. We could get ultra-specific and draw similarities between a car’s engine and website servers or what have you, but we’ll stay away from getting too technical.

Here are four ways websites are like new cars:

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Steve Angrisano

Latest Project: Steve Angrisano

Steve came to us needing a fresh, new site. We had created his previous site about 5 years ago. It had served him well, but was starting to look dated. We took some of his quality video footage and created the background video you see on the home page. We also put emphasis on Steve’s new offerings in his business.

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