How to quickly sign a document on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

We’ve all been there…stuck trying to figure out how to electronically sign a document 2 minutes before we need it. Printing and faxing can be a total pain and a waste of time. Here’s how to quickly sign a document on Apple devices.

PS – it’s way easier then you might think!

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How To Change Your Own Hard Drive (MacBook Pro)

We get a lot of questions about what type of computer a client should purchase because their computer is slow and old. Did you know that changing your hard drive can make a world of difference? You don’t need to purchase a new computer just because your computer is old or slow. We’re going to show you how to do it yourself. And while you’re at it, save you lots of $$. Note: Artillery Media is not responsible for any damage to your computer while changing your hard drive. Continue at your own risk. Additionally, we cannot guarantee support on any questions.

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What We’ve Been Up To

It has been over a month since our last blog post —  but for good reason! We have been scattered across the nation with different projects working on new and exciting things…

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Recommended Books for Small Businesses

We’ve been reading, researching, learning, and growing quite a bit lately and we have a few very exciting things in the works. But until then, here are a few of our favorite books for small businesses and why we think you should read (or listen!) to them too.

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The Power of Wireframes

Some of us remember the Power of Love tune while watching Marty McFly rock his guitar in Back to the Future.  As incredible as that sounds, this post isn’t about the Power of Love…rather the Power of Wireframes.  Not as “hooky” of a title, but more powerful when creating a new website or app.

As designers, creating a wireframe is not the most “fun” part of our job.  Technically, wireframes are very easy to create.  Strategy-wise, they’re one of the more valuable steps in site creation.

We use wireframes for all of our projects.  This post gives a quick rundown of wireframes and why we use them.

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