4 Ways Websites are Like Cars

Adapted and revised from our 2015 article.

When you compare a tech nerd and a stereotypical “car guy,” you probably have two completely different folks in mind. One is into Captain America and the other prefers Captain Morgan (don’t we all).

It may sound crazy, but websites and cars actually have a lot in common. We could get ultra-specific and draw similarities between a car’s engine and website servers or what have you, but we’ll stay away from getting too technical.

Here are four ways websites are like new cars:

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How To Add Custom Fonts to Your Divi Site

Updated September 20, 2017

In this tutorial we discuss how to add Google fonts and Non-Google fonts alike to your Divi website. Your designs don’t have to be limited. Check out our top three ways to use custom fonts on your website!

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The Power of Wireframes

Some of us remember the Power of Love tune while watching Marty McFly rock his guitar in Back to the Future.  As incredible as that sounds, this post isn’t about the Power of Love…rather the Power of Wireframes.  Not as “hooky” of a title, but more powerful when creating a new website or app.

As designers, creating a wireframe is not the most “fun” part of our job.  Technically, wireframes are very easy to create.  Strategy-wise, they’re one of the more valuable steps in site creation.

We use wireframes for all of our projects.  This post gives a quick rundown of wireframes and why we use them.

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