Typography is your design’s voice and the most powerful tool you have to communicate with your readers.

I’m currently reading “On Web Typography” by Jason Santa Maria. Reading this book reminds me “Content is King” in any medium; whether it is web, print or motion.

I’ve seen a new trend in design the last couple years.  It’s the trend of using a lot of white space to create a clean and modern looking design. Lately the trend has been to add powerful imagery alongside this space.  I’m a big fan of this approach.  I believe the imagery, when used correctly, can draw the user into the page emotionally and make them want to read the content on the page.

Many clients will put off creating the content for their new site. It’ll be the last “to-do” on the checklist of launching the new site. It shouldn’t be. It should be the first item with the most importance. When you decide to recreate your website, it gives you an invaluable chance to retell your story.

Without compelling, clear and concise content … your point, call-to-action, “the thing”… may get lost.

Reading this book will help me present your story in a way that is pleasing to the reader’s eyes. Choosing the right typefaces, the right font size, line height, spacing, amount of white space…all to better tell your story.

If you’re interested in this book, you may purchase here.