Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to some of Northeast High School’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) group. Specifically, they wanted to know my story in how I got involved in web design, what keeps it exciting/fresh, what are my favorite aspects of the job, and what’s with my business name…

Someday I’ll write a longer post to answer these questions.  In short, I started building websites out of necessity…the band I was in needed a web presence. I built the site for the band and customized our MySpace (Yes…MySpace!) page. Other bands noticed and before I knew it, I had custom designed over 50 band’s MySpace pages.

Eventually I branched out to local churches, local businesses, and beyond.

My favorite aspect of the job is also what keeps it exciting/fresh:  The Evolving World of Design & Marketing
Technology and marketing methods/techniques change rapidly.  It keeps it exciting!

For the story on my name, visit my About page.

I plan on returning to Northeast High School soon…they’d like me to talk to their Digital Media class.  Something about Photoshop and Dreamweaver…  =)

Speaking at Northeast High School Future Business Leaders of America FBLA Group