First of all, what is a responsive site?

Responsive websites are designed and created with multiple viewing experiences in mind. This means that we work with phones, tablets, and computers when we are building your site so that it looks great on every device.

Responsive responsive site

 NOT Responsive not responsive site

1) Your customers can read it on their phone.

No pinching and zooming, no frustration with tapping a wrong link that is way too small, no more content getting cut off. Your website will look slick wherever it’s viewed because we took the time to view it on all devices. In 2014, mobile browsing beat desktop browsing and is continuing to climb. So why not have a website that looks slick on your phone?

2) Google loves it.

If your site is responsive, you will have one URL and not several for each device. This means that SEO can improve as Google crawls, indexes, and organizes content with more ease. Plus, Google loves it because it’s easier to share and interact with.

So, in short, want Google to pull your site higher up on their list? Make your site responsive.

3) Easy to manage and update.

With responsive sites, you only need to publish your content once and you’re done! No more wasting time putting it through several different content management systems. Put it in once and move on.

4) Customers won’t miss a single word.

What’s more frustrating than being cut off?

This happens with websites that are not responsive every day. Since each customer is looking at your site on a different size screen, non-responsive sites may cut off photos, headers, menus, and other content. With responsive design done right, words are never cut off or lost.

5) More interaction.

Not only will Google index your site higher and increase your SEO, but customers are more likely to share and interact with content that can easily be read and that is appealing to look at.

Keeping it simple and sleek on your phone makes a difference. Every website we build is responsive and beautiful on every device.

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