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The Problem:

It’s happened to you before. You press CMD+T and open a tab but when you try to click on another tab… Oops! You accidentally close the tab you’re in! Or you close the window too soon and need to get back to the page you were on. Anyone? Bottom line: If you close a tab too soon, it’s very frustrating and inconvenient and the least.

The Fix:

There is a quick-key for that. On Google Chrome (our favorite browser) and Firefox, press CMD+SHIFT+T (CTRL+SHIFT+T on a PC) and the latest tab you had open will pop up. You can press this again and again and keep re-opening closed tabs back deep into your search history!

On Safari? This works the same with CMD+Z.

On Internet Explorer? Please don’t. Download a different browser. There is enough pain and disappointment in this world already.