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The Problem:

How frustrating is it when you click on a link and you see the webpage trying to load for what seems like an eternity? There are countless reasons why a website may be running slow (we will actually be talking about tips to increase website speed next week), but the main reason is probably that your photos are not optimized correctly.

The Fix:

Although you can go to websites like optimizilla.com (to optimize photos) or smallpdf.com (to optimize files) will do this work for you, it’s nice to know what’s going on…

Step 1. The best fix for this is to put your photo on your desktop and rename it. (If you name your photo something relevant, the Google gods smile down).

Step 2. Open the photo in a photo editor (i.e. Photoshop or Preview)

Step 3. Resize the image to 72dpi (resolution for the web). Also make sure your image isn’t any wider or taller than 2000px. There’s no reason it needs to be bigger than this.

Step 4. Save the image and upload to WordPress.

P.S. There are several plugins to optimize and “smush” photos as you upload. Our favorite is “WP Smush”. However, this is not a substitution for optimizing your photos! This just helps smush the file size even more.