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The Problem:

Too many times when writing a numbered post or a long post with several headings, we have to highlight the text for the heading, then find the header dropdown, switch it to the correct heading size, then move on. Or even worse, add header tags using HTML. There is a better way!

The Fix:

To transform your paragraph text to a header, highlight the text and (on a Mac) press: Ctrl+Option and the header size. For example, if you want paragraph text to be header 1, press Ctrl+Option+1. If header 2, 2, and so on (on a PC, use Atl+Shift and the number).

Additionally, you can type “##”before the text and then press “Enter” to transform the text to a header 2. “###” then the text, then enter for a header 3 and so on.

You can find more WordPress quick keys here.