Part 2 of our discussion comparing the brands we love and the lessons we’ve learned through what we believe the brand stands for. Read part 1 if you haven’t yet.

beats logo6. Beats: Team Up With the Best.

Beats started strong mostly because, 1: it was a great product; 2: it was marketed meticulously; and 3: it had clout.

Teaming up with the best doesn’t mean just getting Lebron and Cam Newton to wear your product in a smoky gym for 30 seconds. It also may mean allowing the best to acquire you so you can spend the time doing what you do best (in this case, audio innovation and physical product design) and let the big wigs do what they do best: marketing and sales. Beats was bought by Apple in July 2014.

huge logo7. Huge, Inc. Do What You Love, But You Better Do It Well

Huge Inc. has a beautiful, simple, and very honest agenda: get the best and most talented people who care about what they do the freedom to create.

We’ve all been told from an early age, since we live in America we can “do whatever we want and be whatever we want!” But, at the end of the day, if you effort/product/service is poor, you lose.

Deliver a product you can stand behind. if each product you roll out can have your brand blazed into it’s bright future, that’s when you can really be (and do) whatever you want.

dave ramsey logo-b8. Dave Ramsey: Be Good, Be Smart, Give Give Give.

We’ve touched on this guy too, but the lesson we learned here is different. Dave preaches following biblical principals to get your money in order and get out from the oppression of debt. But, once you’re there, give like it’s your last day on earth.

This goes along with what we believe as a small business as well. Agree on a price and get your finances in order, but give things away.

Treat your clients and customers like friends or even family and give till it hurts.

asana logo9. Asana: Communicate and Clearly Direct

Asana’s software does an incredible job of organizing your communication in a way that is exciting yet goal driven. We can tell our teams exactly what needs to be done and be able to track progress like never before.

marvel logo10. Marvel Entertainment: Find a Way to Expand Your Market – It’s the Big Picture!

Marvel was never the big player in the comic book or media game. Since their beginnings in the 40s (under a different name), they were constantly beat by their competitors. It wasn’t until they found a way to expand their audience by creating a main stream cinematic universe that they launched into the global leaders they are today and finally were purchased by Disney.

We’ve learned that as much as it is about creating a good product, don’t put all your eggs in one niche basket. Find a way to expand and push your boundaries!

A good reminder for us at Artillery, too.