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TIP: How to Back Up iPhone and Mac

The Problem:

How many times have you or a friend gone through the struggle of a computer crashing and you lose all data? Or you drop your phone or get it wet and poof! Everything is just gone… Well there is an incredibly easy fix for all of that and it only takes about $60 and 5 minutes a week!

The Fix:

For Mac: We use a simple, 500GB external solid state drive. Here is a popular one. (Although you can probably find a cheaper one that works just fine.) Simply plug in the external drive and your Mac will ask you if you would like to use this as TimeMachine backup. Select Yes. Now every time you plug in that hard drive, your machine automatically backs itself up!

For iPhone: Simply open iTunes and plug in your iPhone. Click on the iPhone icon and then select “Back Up to This Computer”. Now if anything happens to your phone, you can plug in the new one and “Restore iPhone”. This will be an identical copy of your most recent backup down to the wallpaper and settings! It’s that simple!

Hope that helps!