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TIP: How to Be Sure That Link Is Safe

The Problem:

It happens all the time to everyone. You’re on a webpage or you are looking through an email and that link or button looks sketchy… Should I click to find out what it is or is it dangerous… How do I tell?

The Fix:

Not to worry! When using Google Chrome (if you’re not using Google Chrome, you should), simply hover over any link on any page and the link will preview in the bottom of the browser. This trick works in several of the most popular email applications as well! If the link is pointing to a trustworthy source (like to another link in the same page, or a PDF document, etc.) chances are you’re just fine. If it’s trying to pull up something like a “javascript” action, beware!

Before you hover:

Before Hover

While you are hovering (notice the URL preview in the bottom left corner):

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.44.24 PM