We were recently featured on the Divi Chat podcast! The title was “Effective Design Principles with Divi” — read more…

Check out the most recent episode of the Divi Chat podcast to hear John Wooten’s thoughts and wisdom on “Effective Design Principles with Divi”. The Divi Chat podcast features highly respected members of the Divi community:

  • Kathy Kroll Romana – Viva Design Studio
  • Sarah Oates of Endure Web Studios
  • Tami Heaton of Undeniable
  • Tammy Grant of Sunflower Creatives
  • Olga Summerhayes of Infinite Imagination
  • Leslie Bernal of A Girl And Her Mac
  • Cory Jenkins of Aspen Grove Studios
  • Geno Quiroz of Monterey Premier and Quiroz.co
  • Adam Inlay of Local Websites Now
  • Terry Hale of Mizagorn Ink
  • SJ James of Gritty and Divi.space
  • David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios

Check out Divi Chat Ep. 05

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