We’re proud to say that 2016 was another hack-free year for ALL Artillery websites!

Is your website protected? 

You might think because you are a small business, you will not be targeted. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even the smallest of websites can get 30,000 hits of all kinds from hacker bots. Even basic protection can be enough to discourage hackers from attacking your website. Unfortunately, you cannot undo damage done by hackers… but you can certainly take steps to prevent it!

6 Quick-tips for protecting your site:

Tip 1:

Keep everything up-to-date. Make sure you are continually updating your website and any plugins. Oftentimes, updates are due to security vulnerability — so make sure you are doing them early and often.

Tip 2:

Install security plugins. We recommend Akismet and Wordfence among others.

Tip 3:

Preform a regular scan of your site to check for malicious content.

Tip 4:

Ensure you are continually doing frequent back-ups of your website. If your host server bugs out and they lose your info (which happens!)… yikes. Hopefully you have a recent and complete backup.

Tip 5:

Use strong passwords that cannot be guessed and change them regularly.

Tip 6:

Tighten your network security. Change passwords frequently and keep them strong. Logins should expire after a brief period of inactivity. Frequently scan for malware on devices plugged in to the network. And don’t forget about the magic of captcha!

Okay, so maybe you want to implement some of these tips…


Well… we do.

We got you. Last year, we’re extremely proud to say that of the hundreds of sites on our Maintenance Plan, 0 were successfully hacked even after thousands of attempts. If your website is not secure, you may want to consider changing this. We do all of the above and much more.

Sign up for our Maintenance and Security Plan. Rest assured, your website will be protected 24/7.