1. An answer to 3 questions in 2 seconds…while also building trust.

Let’s talk about the top section of your website—the part visitors see right away. Boom: 0.05 seconds and then they judge you. So, without scrolling, we have to add value, build trust, and give a compelling offer.

This is your prime digital real estate, and it’s crucial to make it count.

Why it Matters:

Visitors decide in typically a little less than 3 seconds whether to stay on your site or leave. An enticing offer above the fold grabs their attention immediately, encouraging them to explore further.

Key Elements:

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Clear Value Proposition(CTA)

Your headline should be concise and impactful, explaining 1) what you offer and 2) why it benefits your visitors. View example here.

CMS Market Share June 2021
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Call to Action (CTA)

Make your CTA button prominent and compelling. Whether it’s “Get Started,” “Sign Up,” or “Learn More,” ensure it’s easy to find and click. View example here.

CMS Market Share June 2021
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Visual Appeal: (CTA):

Use high-quality images (or 20 second or less, small, background video) that complements your message. Visuals should enhance, not overpower, your text. View example here.

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BONUS: Trust Indicators:

If you’re in a particularly competitive industry, build trust quickly by including testimonials, logos of well-known clients, or awards. These build credibility and trust at first glance. View example here.

CMS Market Share June 2021


Don’t forget the ARTILLERY Checklist:
3 questions in 2 seconds… while also building trust:

  • Small  – What do you do? 6-9 words
  • Big – How does it make my life better? 2-5 words
  • Button – What do you want me to do on this website? 3-5 words
  • Build trust. Gorgeous photos or textures and/or background video with an overlay that doesn’t drown out the text.

By strategically placing these clear communication items above the fold, you engage visitors right away, increasing the likelihood they’ll stay and convert.