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The Core of Who We Are & How We Work


Persuasion is more than strategy. It’s even more than quality; or even conversion. Persuasion is the means to stop your customers in their tracks – why not strive for an audible, “Woah”? We do. In today’s fast-paced age, when we’ve probably lost your attention already, you need your first, second, or one-hundredth impression to build trust, impress visually, but most importantly – inspire action.

“Your perception determines your reception.” is a quote we stand by.

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Persuade & Serve

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Customer Service is a term that gets tossed around next to other road-worn and abused words like “synergy”, “literally”, and other business jargon. However, when service becomes part of who you are – how you treat your friends, family & customers – then change happens. We’ve experienced this in giving; whether that be in knowledge, time, resources, or appreciation.

When we say “Let us serve you”, we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.


You’re 3 times more likely to get a virus from a church website than a pornography website. No joke. When you contact us, ask Jake why. He loves this question.

Our digital age is a dangerous one. One in which bad actors create dangerous software that attacks thousands of sites per second. If you’re not prepared, you’re at risk.

We’re proud to say none of the sites on our Hosting with our Maintenance & Security Plans have ever been hacked. We have your back.

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