Jake Kramer


Jake’s strengths shine in strategy, communication, and organization. Jake holds a bachelors in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a minor in music. He owns and operates Page in a Day.

Web Design: From the Sale to the Launch – July 2020
How to Sell Hosting & Maintenance Plans – August 2020



Being a “teacher” and not a salesman is extremely important to Jake. He believes in helping people understand what they are purchasing and why and enjoys walking clients through StoryBrand.

Divi Nation Podcast – May 2017
How Good Design Solves Problems – August 2018
Website Design for Your Private Practice – June 2022

The Dave Ramsey Show

On Halloween of 2019, Jake Kramer (along with wife Haley), successfully finished paying off over $73,000 of personal debt in a little under 34 months; becoming completely debt-free (except for their home). Jake and Haley were invited onto The Dave Ramsey show to share their story and meet Dave!