Maintenance & Security Plans

Protect Your Site

Maintenance & Security is extremely important for the longevity of your site. Just like a car, your website will need long-term care and attention.

Please review our Maintenance & Security Plans

The Numbers

In 2023 We Managed

WordPress Version Updates

Theme & Plugin Updates

Completed Backups

WordPress & Plugin Updates

An outdated WordPress Version and/or Plugin can be a welcome mat for an attacker. It’s one of the easiest ways a hacker or bot can gain access to your site. When WordPress or a Plugin Author releases an update, often-times the release comes with a Changelog highlighting what was fixed. This can tell hackers what was wrong with the previous version. Hackers write a script exploiting these problems, and those who have not updated fall suspect.

Our system checks your site daily for any updates.

IP Monitoring & Blocking

Yes, you read that correctly … 93,973 Blocked Malicious Login Attempts

Hackers and malicious bots constantly scour the web attempting to login to websites using common usernames and passwords. This is why we never use “admin”, “wpadmin”, etc, for usernames. It is also why we use random passwords such as “oP2wgqiGHmz2sp”. If a hacker or bot does guess your username correctly, they will not guess that type of password.

We also block known malicious IP’s automatically.

Advanced IP Blocking

Sometimes a malicious hacker or bot’s IP is not yet part of the known network of malicious IP’s. With our system, whenever there is a login attempt with a username that we have not setup, that IP is automatically blocked and we are notified of the failed attempt:

Login Lockout

We manually add these IP’s to the block list.

Backups Upon Backups

We have Weekly & Daily Backup options available depending on your needs. The backup includes your website files, uploads, and database. Through our system, we’re able to schedule these backups to run automatically. We’re also able to easily revert to a saved backup if need be. Backups are stored securely in Dropbox.

When updating WordPress, you’ll get a warning to backup your files and database first … you’re covered.
“I love my new website designed by Artillery Media! I feel confident having clients visit my site to learn more about my motivational programs for teens. I feel safe knowing it is constantly being backed-up and kept secure.”

Molly Kennedy

Molly Kennedy

“The Fine Print”

What You Get

Our Maintenance & Security Plans come with the following services:

  • Security Setup
  • Daily Update checks for WordPress core files and 3rd Party Plugins
  • Weekly or Daily backups for up to 31 days
  • 1-2 hours of technical support per month as needed (normally $150 per hour)
    Technical Support covers issues such as:
    • Site is down
    • A main feature is broken
  • Platinum Plan Only – We will include Premium Hosting with SiteGround. We trust and use this service for our own site.
What You Do Not Get

Regular content updates (text/images/video) to your site should be handled by your team. We are more than ready to help assist with content for your site but there may be an hourly charge. We will always send an estimate for approval before charging for work.

Initial video training on how to update your site is included with your package. Additional training is available at our hourly fee.

The 1-2 hours of technical support is designed for troubleshooting issues only.  It is not designed for content updates, feature additions, or fixes for features another company has developed for your site.

Next Steps

If you need hosting in addition to the Maintenance & Security Plan, we strongly recommend Managed Premium Hosting which bundles with the Monthly Maintenance & Security Plan:


If you’d like to manage your own hosting, we recommend SiteGround:


– Once the page loads, select “Web Hosting” in the top menu bar
– Next, select “WordPress Services”
– Lastly, We recommend either the “GrowBig” plan or the “GoGeek” plan

If you have any questions or need assistance getting started with SiteGround, please contact us.

If you already have hosting elsewhere, but want to add the Maintenance & Security Plan, please contact us

No Thank You

Are you sure? Site Maintenance & Security is a must.

Here’s a blog post we wrote on how your website is very much like a car and needs ongoing maintenance and security.

Here are two additional posts highlighting a couple clients who declined the Maintenance & Security Plan and ensured us they would keep their sites up to date on their own:

The Importance of Website Security & Maintenance | Part 1
The Importance of Website Security & Maintenance | Part 2

If you’re still sure you want to decline the Maintenance & Security Plan, here are a couple web hosting companies that will maintain some of these updates for you:


Not sure which Plan is right for you?