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The Challenge

Todd Dawalt is a business coach who helps owners of homebuilding, remodeling, and general contracting businesses create more freedom, impact and wealth. He also runs The Construction Leading Edge Podcast, and sells some digital products online.

He told us his previous site looked dated, unprofessional, and did not give the right experience to his customers.

One of our favorite quotes when talking about visuals/design is:


“Your perception determines your reception.”

Often times in a sales meeting I’ll live Google photographer websites from a different state than the client lives in.  I setup a scenario where you’re looking for a wedding photographer.  You want to remember this day and want someone who will really capture the moments.

I’ll go through the first 3 pages of Google’s results and open 8-10 sites.  We usually discover 3 main types of photographer websites:

– One usually has a cluttered homepage with a grid of services … Seniors … Infants … Couples … Weddings … Cars … Company Headshots … etc.  The page looks cluttered.  The images and typography look very “stock”.  The site is underhwelming.

– Another will be more focused on family, engagements, and weddings … with solid photography and typography … but will try to fit all sorts of information on that initial screen that loads.  The result is a cluttered mix of multiple offerings.

– Finally, we’ll land on a homepage that has a large, beautiful photo accompanied by elegant typography with a simple message and easy to use navigation.

I’m sure you can envision the 3 websites I’m describing.  Feel free to Google photography websites yourself and pull up 8-10 websites from the first 3 pages of Google to see what I mean.

This is where the above quote comes in.

As you scan each website for the first time, you’re immediately assigning a value to that photographer.  You can tell who is a $500 photographer versus a $3,000 photographer; even though you haven’t seen their prices.

Todd’s previous site did not present him as a business coach who not only is succesful himself, but has helped many others become more successul through finding more freedom, impact, and wealth.

“Our previous site was old and did not accurately reflect what we do. It also did not give the right experience to our customers.”

Our Strategy

For Construction Leading Edge’s new site, our initial goal for site visitors was to feel at home … to feel Todd had been in their shoes, knew their situation, and had a proven plan for them.

In order to do this, we had to have some design elements that would speak towards his audience (homebuilders, remodelers, and general contractors).  These items included:

– Big bold typography for headings and callouts
– A color palette with a “construction” type color as the hero
– Rough texture backgrounds used in a subtle way
– Hand-drawn/marker style elements used to highlight words and show strategy (arrows, underlines, boxes, etc)

The main Call-to-Action Todd wanted visitors to notice is his Group Coaching program.  We highlighted this in the main navigation and throughout the site.  We also designed an entire landing page highlighting his Group Coaching.

A secondary Call-to-Action is the free trainings he offers.  You’ll see this highlighted in the main hero and towards the bottom of the homepage.

Lastly, he wanted to highlight his podcast, so we made a large section on the homepage highlighting the podcast with various short quotes from satisfied listeners.


We’re very pleased with the new design and strategy for Construction Leading Edge. Todd now has a website he can confidently send folks to.  It looks modern, clean, fresh, and speaks to them as his target audience.

We’re excited to see how the new site meets Todd’s goals for increasing leads for his coaching business, increasing listen to his podcast, and increasing sales of his online courses.

Construction Leading Edge now has a site giving a perception of a professional consulting company that delivers on their promises.