Doug Fitzgerald


The Challenge

Doug Fitzgerald is a multimillion dollar earner with – the creators of P90X, Insanity, and many other home fitness programs. The kind of guy you would pay thousands of dollars to just to pick his brain … but he came to us.

The challenge was how to serve his current customers and persuade new ones to join. Doug knew he wanted a web presence that would impress, but he had no idea where to start.

With Doug’s many ventures, the challenge would come with staying relevant and spectacular in a sea of competition. With thousands of direct competitors, we knew to set him apart we needed something spectacular.

“From the moment I started working with Artillery, they wanted to know my target audience, their needs, and how can I meet those needs effectively.”

Our Strategy

“You guys make me look good! And that’s what I need.”

We began with picking Doug’s brain – what do you want to accomplish? Who is your target market?

It seems with every new venture, we learn more and more about true success. Doug wanted to expand his business, reach out and gain new customers but still have a presence that people can trust.

We crafted a wireframe and design that featured clear navigation which included easily accessible navigation items for all categories and forms. Since Doug wanted to remain in contact with these customers, an email opt-in with a “free gift” was key.


“Everything Artillery provides is excellent for me.”

Every time, upon completion and launch, Doug gains new, loyal customers that buy in to his mission. Doug described his experience with Artillery with 3 words:


Not only were we able to get to know him, but he was able to get to know us on a personal level as well.


Doug is very picky about what gets done. Communication is absolutely key as well as managing expectations. His multimillion dollar success corresponds to his attention to detail – and that speaks for itself.


In the video above, Doug talks extensively about when people go to his site, they are blown away at the quality. They rave about it. And when he recommends Artillery to others, they can expect that same personalism, professionalism, and excellence he received.

“When I recommend Artillery to others, they can expect that same personalism, professionalism, and excellence I got.”

“Every time someone comes to one of my sites, I look good. You guys make me look good – and that’s what I need.”

Doug Fitzgerald

Doug Fitzgerald