Meet Us

Midwest Values with Regional Relationships

First, serve.

“Let us serve you” is not a phrase we take lightly. “Hire Artillery” is not a phrase you should either. We’ve worked very hard to get to a place where we can confidently lead our clients down a journey with excellent results. We only ask our clients to work with us and trust us — that leads to a space to let both of us do what we do best. We promise to deliver our very best, every time. It’s the Midwest way.


More Than a Name

Artillery was founded in 2006. During that time, our founder was serving in the United States Marine Corps and was heavily inspired by military principles. Artillery (“A Means of Persuading”) became an idea that led to more. Now the name envelops the core of who we are and what we stand for.

Why We Succeed

You may have noticed we sweat the small stuff, pursue our passions, and value others. We believe “a rising tide floats all boats”. Your success furthers ours. Our #1 goal is your satisfaction in the investment you make with us. Our approach and testimonials may be able to explain this further.

What We Offer

With service at the heart, we craft and protect websites that persuade. We work with big and small and aren’t afraid of timelines and budgets. We have a few tiers of services that may just exceed your expectations. Read a few testimonials, check out our approach, then get in touch with us for more information.

The Midwest Way

We pride ourselves in Midwest values, honor, quality, and honesty. We believe our home (Lincoln, NE) is one of the country’s best kept secrets. We started here and plan to stay. Although we travel often, we are heavily involved in the design, art, and music community here in the Midwest. Come visit us!

John Wooten

John Wooten

Owner & Senior Designer

John started Artillery Media in 2006. After touring full-time as a musician and serving in the Marines, he eventually settled down and started building Artillery not only as a custom web design firm, but also as a birthplace for creativity in the heart of the Midwest: Lincoln, Nebraska. He loves talking entrepreneurship and everything drums.

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Jake Kramer

Owner & Director

Jake’s strengths shine in strategy, communication, and organization. He has a passion for the problem-solving aspect of design and the challenges it brings. Jake holds a bachelors in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a minor in music. He can be found on the court playing a pickup game, on the road playing guitar and fiddle, or at his desk crafting.

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Haley Kramer

Project Manager

Haley joined Artillery bringing her organizational skills, passion for working closely with clients and love of creating a seamless process. She can be found hanging with her favorite pup, Kooper, doing Crossfit, traveling or going to concerts.


Kyle Downey


Kyle loves using design to solve problems with a beautifully built website. Additionally, he is fascinated with refining processes to make everyone’s life easier. In his spare time, he loves to read, watch movies, and play music.

Clara Shanno

Clara Shanno

Support Lead

Clara brings a love of communication and positivity to the team. She enjoys empowering website owners to help make their sites all they can be. She loves fashion, reading, and learning anything new. You can find her fabulously curled up on the couch with her dog Moose, reading a book and drinking a cup of tea.

Cam Ramaekers


A web developer with an eye for design. WordPress, PHP, HTML, and Javascript are in his everyday vocabulary. He’s slightly obsessed with hand-washing his car and always looking for a challenger for a game of ping pong.

Brennan Burling


Brennan excels in visual communication and brand cohesiveness. He offers a complete brand package including logo and brand guide.  When he’s not crafting pixels you can probably find him dunking basketballs or raisin’ cane’s.


Liam Olesen


Liam has always had a love for technology since he was a young kid and now, that has turned into a love for building and designing websites. When he isn’t working, he likes to play video games and enjoys hanging with friends.