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The Challenge

Taking 20 guys to Iceland to chase a cliff seen in a Sigur Rós music video makes no sense. But that’s the kind of adventures Harbor Ministries prides itself in.

We’ve worked with Harbor many times before, working on their main site – harborministries.com – and their other offerings:

RHYTHMinTWENTY – rhythmintwenty.com
ROGUE – roguejourney.org
REVEL – reveljourney.org

When they came to us with a fundraising idea and a need for a website showcasing photography from Iceland, we were all in.

The challenge for this project was to showcase the mission of Harbor and the trip to Iceland in a way to make the $7500 donation seem minor to the moments folks would experience while on the trip.

… a need for a website showcasing photography from Iceland … we were all in.

Our Strategy

With trust being built up over our previous projects, Harbor really let us take the lead on this project.  The site is a blend of the logistics of the trip, the fundraising aspect, and the beauty of Iceland.  It’s a luxury trip to one of the most gorgeous locations on earth; a trip that also benefits a non-profit ministry.

With Iceland being such a visually stunning place, we chose to have the beautiful Iceland photography be the hero on the page. Some of the photos were supplied by Harbor, and others were sourced from Unsplash.com. Normally it would be challenge to get high-quality media from clients for their project; this project was the opposite. It was a challenge to narrow down what photos we would use on the site and how would we use them.

The copy/text for the site was supplied by the client but we also looked to a book written by Harbor’s founder to grab some copy inspiration to help fill in the gaps where we needed copy. Key quotes from the book are used in strategic places.

The audience for this site are people who have been through one of Harbor’s 2 or 3 year journeys.  Knowing that, our goal was to remind them of that journey they completed with Harbor, showcase the wonder of Iceland, and present to them an opportunity to help others go through the same journey with Harbor by signing up for the trip.


All 20 available spots were filled and $150,000 was raised for Harbor.

Harbor utilized this site again last year which sold out as well.

They have now raised their fundraising ask and are utilizing the site for a 3rd trip next year.

We also strengthened our client relationship and trust with Harbor. We’re looking forward to working on additional projects with Harbor in the future.

All 20 available spots were filled and $150,000 was raised for Harbor with plans on repeating the following year.

“We’ve hired Artillery for 9 websites now.  Their designs and attention to detail make us look much bigger than we are.  Their work on the Experience Harbor site went beyond my expectations.”

Tim Bohlke

Tim Bohlke