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The Challenge

Jabari Cain is no stranger to the web design world.  In fact, he used to build websites for clients before meeting his true passion, photography.

Jabari’s photos are creative and vibrant; but they’re also very calculated and technical.  He takes great care in setting up the perfect shot; and his work shows.

Our challenge was how do we bring that creativity, vibrance, and technicality into the site design; but still leave room for his photos to shine.

In the end, we decided to get out of the way, and let his beautiful, vibrant photos be the focus of the site.  Isn’t that why someone is visiting his site in the first place?

This is easier said than done.  The challenge is how to create space, but still tell an effective story and persuade the site visitor to take action.

With new branding on the horizon, it was time for Cain’s Camera to upgrade their website as well.

Cain's Camera Desktop

Our Strategy

“Artillery provides a structured approach to meeting or exceeding your vision.”

When Jabari approached us to start working on the website, he was finishing working with a brand designer we recommended on his new brand and logo.

We worked closely with the brand designer in creating the overall “vibe” of the brand.  We searched for the perfect fonts to accompany his new logo.  We also formed a strong color palette that projected technicality, but also warmth.  That’s who Jabari is.  He’s calculated, proficient, technical … but also a warm and bright person to be around.  Check out his photo on his site to see what I mean.

We also helped Jabari with the structure of his site.  The goal for the site is for someone to be blown away by his photos, but not get lost in the photos, and connect with him to book him.

A lot of portfolio style sites bombard the site visitor with too many projects or portfolio items right away.  They think more is better.  We disagree.

I like to assume a  user has less than 5 minutes to first check out your site as a cold/warm lead.  They do not have time to view 50 photos.  They have time to view 5-10.  With that in mind, let’s lead with your best 5-10 photos, but still have a way for them to dive deeper and see more if they’d like.

Cain's Camera


“Artillery are phenomenal designers that are very driven and ALWAYS make their clients happy. I have worked with the owner for over ten years and he is constantly learning new design techniques that are implemented in his projects. You will NOT be let down by the many talents of Artillery!”

Since launching his new site, Jabari has:  received high compliments from his peers on his new site, already raised his prices, and is booking well in advance.

“Artillery provides a structured approach to meeting or exceeding your vision.”

“Artillery Media is my go-to solution for web design. They provide a structured approach to meeting or exceeding your vision. Revisions were made in a timely manner and I am extremely happy with a website that I’m proud to share with my potential clients. Awesome job Artillery Media!”

Jabari Cain

Jabari Cain