Ground Up Restaurants


The Challenge

Ground Up Kitchen is known for their entertaining and witty brand. When we met with them about a new site, they were planning on opening up several new locations and were in need of a site that fit their meticulously built brand. Their social media presence was strong but they hadn’t been utilizing their website for recognition. Our main goal was to focus on allowing their brand personality to shine through and showcase their immaculate style and flavor on the web.

Ground Up’s other request was to have an easy-to-update website. Their current site was extremely dated and no longer worked with their image. With a constantly changing rotating menu, they were finding themselves constantly behind in updating the menu each week. Ground Up needed their menu to have the ability to be updated quickly and easily so that people would utilize their website to check the rotating “burger of the week”.

“We have a strong social media presence with our demographic…we focused so much on that and not the website, we completely dropped the ball on utilizing the website for recognition.”

Our Strategy

“Artillery was able to understand and translate how Eric & Gabe felt about Honest Abe’s. From day one, we have tried to promote a specific atmosphere and culture that has since become our brand.  John and Jake listened to everything the guys talked about and produced a website that looks great, functions smoothly and allows a lot of room to expand as our company grows.”

To bring their brand to life, we needed something that would stand out and translate their atmosphere and culture to the web. Hiring an illustrator who cooked up some impressive gifs showcased their mascot, Abe, in an interactive way — bringing him to life! Custom photography was also utilized to take enticing pictures of their menu items and facilities.

We also crafted a unique and mouth-watering video of their food fresh from the grill and team hard at work. Our accomplished goal was to have customers come to the home page and immediately be entertained, enticed, and able to quickly and easily find the information they need.


“Artillery has the knowledge and skills to bring someone’s vision to reality via an amazing website.  They go above and beyond what is required and continue to offer support and ideas even after the job has been done.  They care as much about your website you do.  That’s a big deal these days.”

Since the launch of the new website, Ground Up has doubled its number of restaurants. Two new Honest Abe’s were opened in Lincoln with several more in the works coming very soon!

“Artillery took the time to listen to our concerns and expectations and came up with an outstanding final product.”

“As a company, we have a very specific philosophy and vision we have built over time which we wanted to make sure was maintained and came through on our website. Artillery took the time to listen to our concerns and expectations and came up with an outstanding final product. Would I recommend them? Hell yeah I would.”

Patrick Durkin