Performance Aircraft

Serve & Persuade

The Challenge

Katie, Director of Operations and Marketing at Performance Aircraft, didn’t feel like the hard work her team was doing accurately showcasing their quality of work. Katie’s team travels and takes beautiful photos and puts together intricate listings of aircrafts for sale.  However, their website did not display their top-notch work in a way that did them justice. Once the work was on the side, it seemed small and underwhelming. Not to mention it was a total pain to get all the listings on the website quickly and easily.

Google wasn’t indexing their site well, and she knew they were spending a lot of money on advertising their business on other websites that would in turn direct back to their website. They were seeing little organic growth. Lots of money for little return.

With all of this in mind, the top challenge they faced was finding customers who wanted to hire them to help sell their aircraft. They lacked a persuasive website that accurately portrayed the quality of work they do.

“Our site wasn’t coming up high on search results. We would take great photos of our aircraft but we didn’t feel like our work was show-cased well.”

Our Strategy

Katie received proposals for a website redesign from numerous agencies in town. But when she met with John, she felt convinced to choose Artillery Media from a design standpoint. She loved the clean and modern design that Artillery provided and felt that John “pushed the envelope” in his design abilities.

Their new website would require beautiful photos, easy-to-update platforms, SEO friendly and the ability to integrate blog and social media platforms. Listing an aircraft can be time-consuming and requires a lot of information, so our job was to make listing the aircraft a piece of cake for their team. Information needed to be well-organized and easy to navigate for the customer. We wanted to showcase their alluring photos in way that drew customers in.

We met with Katie and her team to work through wireframes to really understand the layout and design they wanted their new site to entail. We also wanted our process to be transparent and smooth to ensure all expectations could be met. Throughout the process, we ensured constant communication and collaboration with our client, something Katie really appreciated and was afraid she would lose working with a larger agency.   


“Traffic pretty quickly almost doubled from what we had on the previous website.”

After launch, Katie worked hard to continue marketing her new website and was incredibly pleased to see their traffic double in the first few months. When she first started, Performance Aircraft had 8 employees. After their site launch, they now have 16 employees. Their revenue has increased 30%. Information was finally organized and easy to access – both for her team and for their potential customers. It was stunning and quickly portrayed their mission statement.

We had a wonderful time working with Katie and her team. We got to push our design abilities and be creative to find away to impress and persuade customers of a niche market.

“Traffic pretty quickly almost doubled from what we had on the previous website.”





“Artillery did a fabulous job with the website for Performance Aircraft. We truly enjoyed working with them, and we receive regular compliments regarding our website from customers.”

Katie Ulrich

Katie Ulrich